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Hair Types

What are Infusions? ($750.00 and up)

(4-6 hrs)   

The extension process also known as Fusions is a popular industry technique used by various major hair extension companies such as SO Cap USA. Hair Dreams, Great Lengths, Mega Hair, Strand by Strand etc. These systems are well used industry secrets of many of today's stars and performers to create length, body, texture, color, low lights and highlights without the use of chemicals. Infusion extensions are today's safe, naturally free flowing, undetectable, durable, low maintenance choice and can be virtually worn by anyone. Infusions are created by attaching the highest quality of human extension hair (Remi, Indian, & Cuticle) to the clients natural hair. Pre-bonded keratin or adhesive tips are used to complete the process. The process can take up to 6hrs. Most Hair Infusion Systems can last up to 4-6 months with proper care and maintenance. (note) For maximum benefits, it is strongly advised/required that these systems be removed by the stylists performing the service.

What are Dome Hair Extensions? ($600.00 and up)  


- used largely in the entertainment industry by stars such as Faith Hill, Diana Ross, Christina Aguilera, Naomi Campbell, and Janet Jackson just to name a few. Dome hair extensions are safe, naturally free flowing, and undetectable Monofiber and Prolin are used to create Dome hair extensions by using a special instrument to hold the hair while it is braided wrapped and sealed.

Monofibre comes in 16 different color shades that are specifically blended to match your hair color or to create any color of your choice. Prolin, our most luxurious fiber comes in 24 pre-blended shades and mirrors the protein in natural hair, thus it needs no specific aftercare products. Simply care for it as you would your natural hair.

Dome hair extensions can also be worn virtually by anyone to create length, body, texture, color, low lights or highlights without use of chemicals.

What is interlocking? ($650.00 and up)

(5-6 hrs)

Interlocking is performed by adding hair into a cornrow strand by strand by hand, thus creating a weft without the bulk. This technique can be used to create a full head of luxurious hair extensions while your natural hair is covered and free to rest. Interlocking/Tree Braids can also be used to create volume and fullness in clients with sparse or balding areas in the crown, and for partial additions within other areas throughout the head. Another wonderful thing about this technique, is that any type of hair can be used to create the desired style.

*What are Combination Extensions? ($650.00 and up) (6-10 hrs)                  

Combination Extensions are just that, when more than one extension technique is combined with another to create a finished look. Combination extensions may be necessary when a client's hair condition needs special attention in specific areas.

*What is a Micro Sew-In? (500.00 and up) ( 4-6 hrs)


Micro Sew-In extensions are a well known safe and effective extension technique, when performed properly .This sew-in method offers absolutely no lumps or messy bulk. Hair remains smooth to the touch throughout the duration of the style. To create a free flowing more natural effect, micro cornrows are placed throughout the head, leaving out only the necessary hair for proper coverage to accommodate the desired style. This step is followed by sewing on a thin or hand tied weft. The results are unbelievable.

*What are Corporate Braids? ($750.00 and up) ( 9-12hrs)

Corporate Braids are braids that specifically cater to the professionalism of the work place. These braid styles are formed using micro, lace, tree or invisible braids. A soft natural looking fiber or the highest quality of human hair is used to create a style that most resembles the client's natural style. The braids are then cut and styled to further capture the style and essence of the client.

*What are invisible Cornrows? ($150.00 and up) ( 2.5 to 8hrs)                                                                     

Invisible Cornrows, are one of the oldest art forms of hair weaving. Over the years, this technique has been enhanced by adding the extension hair in strand by strand to build and create a more natural look. The strand by strand cornrow eliminates undesirable knots, and stress to the hair follicles at the beginning of each cornrow, thus maintaining and promoting a healthy hairline.

*What are Micro Braids Twist? ($350 and up) Micro Natural twist ($150 and up)

Micro Twists can be created by adding hair, or by using the client's own natural hair. The technique is formed by using Senegalese Twist. These twists are created by using a twisting locking method which stretches the natural hair to its fullest length, thus creating weight and body to your natural hair. This style is great for all Beauty Seasons and can be created using any hair texture. 

Please Note: Prices quoted are for application cost only and are subject to change without notice.  Hair cost is additional .


For further details and pricing on services not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us at the information below. Thank you for choosing Growing Seasons.


  • Licensed Master Cosmetologists (13) yrs
  • Master Braider (16 yrs)
  • Educator for DOME Hair Extensions
  • Certified Infusion Artists of SO CAP U.S.A.
  • Distributor and Educator of LACE FRONT WIGS

                                                      Dome hair extensions

  • All styles are natural, durable and undetectable.
  • All extension work is performed using 100% Human hair.
  • (Cuticle, Remy, Indian, Malaysian, and Brazilian )
  • All styles are created to offer maximum versatility.
  • All services are professionally  performed in a private relaxing environment.
  • All services are guaranteed.  


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